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Macro photographs of insects eyes

Wiki on Ommatidia

Pro tip: Many insect-pollinated flowers contain ultraviolet pigments that only their pollinating insects (and perhaps birds) can see. Many flowers are more strikingly coloured in the UV than in the visible spectrum. Furthermore, markings, visible only in the UV, act as taxi markers to guide the landed insects to the pollen and nectar food rewards. via

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Katharina Roters

From Hungarian Cubes

In Hungarian Cubes, Roters documents those countryside row houses during Kádár’s reign, after residents started freewheeling with colors and shapes to make it so no two houses looked like. Roters noticed the painted “Magyar Kocka”, or Hungarian Cube, houses in 2003 after moving from Germany to a small Hungarian town. Some of the homes have trompe l’oeil paintings around the window, like facsimiles of shutters or trimming. Others look like abstracted images of sun rays, or harvested crops.

“Today you can buy a car you like, you can do everything you like. In this uniform world where people were not allowed to have some individuality, you had to wait for the same car as your neighbor,” Roters says. “The facade is what I can show to the outside to the world. This was a free space at this time where the people can show and express their individuality.”

Roters has spent years photographing the Magyar Kocka houses. She’s met some of the original owners, but also is watching as the Cube houses undergo renovations and new paint jobs. “The intellectual elite in Hungary they hate the kind of housing and the period and the ornamental decoration,” Roters says. InHungarian Cubes, she writes: “In the eyes of the rural population, these houses are simply no longer up-to-date and are therefore…these witnesses to a way of life are slowly but surely disappearing.” The houses are a relic of some rare individualism during a time of homogeneous, community-centric thinking. (by Margaret Rhodes)

Hungarian Cubes is available here, through Park Books.


Faith47, South Africa

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Wish you were here, Jersey Shore


when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag


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Everyone is a critic


Featured curator: Justin Ruckman

Kees Veenenbos uses NASA Mars Orbiter data and Terragen rendering software to create these very realistic-looking martian landscapes. His work has been used heavily by NASA, as well as featured in National Geographic and NOVA.


9 favorite pictures of don draper

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Crawl Space by Anthony Smerek in Toronto, Ontario
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I avoided doing real work yesterday and made this! So stoked on how it came out!


The Giphoscope Award Trophy

The Giphoscope n. 47, displaying The Giphoscope Award winning GIF, is finally ready. The astonishing and mesmerizing winning GIF is a work by french artist Micaël Reynaud based on Summer Weather, a series of images by US photographer Michael Jang

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