Ed Van Der Elsken

Love on the Left Bank

Dutch photographer Ed Van Der Elsken was part of the hipster, bohemian scene in Paris, when, in 1956, he published a ground-breaking photobook called Love on the Left Bank. That book has been beautifully re-printed, and it captures the joie de vivre of that seemingly carefree era.


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"I miss dinosaurs."
"Evolution, we’ve talked about this."
"But I miss them.”
"You turned them into birds, remember? It was the best you could do, given the circumstances.”
"It’s not the same."
"I know. I’m sorry."
"Can I at least make these cassowaries 50 feet tall?"
"Come on, you know that size didn’t work out so well before."
"Six feet, then? And over 100 pounds?"
"Yeah, that sounds better."
"And can I put weird prehistoric crests on their heads?"
"I don’t see why not."
"And can they slash people’s throats with their dagger claws?”
"Sure, pal, if that would make you feel better."
"I think it would. Thanks for understanding."
"You got it, evolution. Anytime."
Source: Wikimedia Commons / Bjørn Christian Tørrissen
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Baby don’t stop the teasin’.


Borf :)


Topps Make Your Own Name stickers (1966)

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Dora Maar

Reportage sur l’évolution de «Guernica» / Reportaje sobre la evolución del «Guernica»

1937 (mayo-junio, París)

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Blu is an anonymous Italian mural painter. His works are recognized by their charming drawing and an elegant taste of sarcasm, as he criticises contemporary society, cities, pollution and other traits of modern civilization threatening the nature.

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Can Pekdemir's digital sculpturing is as beautiful it is slightly disturbing

Selected by Mariana

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pizza face


Twin Peaks/Muppets Mashup

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JAZ For Bien Urbain ‘14 - Besancon, France

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Miss America