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Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
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Ben Frost
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Calling it quits
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New Acropolis Museum

Athens • Greece

By Bernard Tschumi Architects

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Salmon Sushimi.


In October Rizzoli will be republishing what is regarded by many to be the strangest book in the world, the Codex Seraphinianus. The Codex is unlike other historically well-known strange books (such as the Voynich Manuscript), in that the author of the book is not only known (Luigi Serafini is his name), he’s still alive. But the book is just so damned strange that it has accumulated a veritable industry of speculation about its meaning, deeper origins, and whether the language in which it is written actually has any syntax or not. Serafini has said relatively little about it himself over the years (…)

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Woody Harrelson at a bus stop in Paris, 1994, during the release of Natural Born Killers

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