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Street art in Belgrade, Serbia

Is it really so horrible that I could possibly go out and find happiness?

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the fuck outta here
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D*face, Queen Elizabeth (orange), Limited edition screenprint, 50 x 50 cm, $3750.00, courtesy of Metro Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
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Thomas, Goossens
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
instagram: @thomasgoossens2012
email: parabolatattoos@hotmail.nl
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"Stay Royal," Quyen Dinh

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Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane

One of the most eye-catching artworks at this year’s Burning Man festival was a 55-feet tall sculpture of a woman in a beautifully elegant pose. Truth is Beauty is the second of three sculptures in a series called The Bliss Project by artist Marco Cochrane. Constructed of welded steel rods and balls and covered in stainless steel mesh skin, the massive sculpture had interactive lighting effects that made it constantly change.

Wow. This is AMAZING

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Jean Michel Basquiat’s Resume
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Frances Ha (dir. Noah Baumbach, 2013)

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